Saturday, March 07, 2009

Im playing catch up Lou at gave me an award a few weeks ago and im supposed to pass on to a few more so here goes

Ellen's blog


Angela's blog

Susan's blog


and im going to give the award back to you Lou has you always comment on my blog which i appreciate lots and you are a great friend. All the blogs i have awarded are great friends too


Ellen said...

thank you Andrea for thinking of me . I love your black and white cards

Charlol said...

Awww Thank you, really appreciate the award!!! Love your blog and the items you create.

Susan said...

Thank you for this award, Andrea! I placed it in my side bar :) And congratulations on receiving it yourself.

If you ever feel like uploading any of your creations to, I hope you will! I'd love to see them there. You can uplaod a card at

Scroll to the bottom of the page for the upload form.

Take care! XX