Thursday, November 30, 2006

My little Gregory

It was a bit of a worrying day yesterday 29.11.06, has Gregory was booked into hospital for quite a lot of teeth out. We got there at 8 o,clock am went throught the questions ,then game in medication had to wait an hour for him to be called , he went in at 9.15 came out at 9.30 was up and alert in recovery.We then had to wait another hour before he could come home, by that time he was getting upset because he wanted to go home. got home for 10.45 amd he was as right as rain all day.No pain appetite was great there was no filling him on porridge or mashed potatoes. He played all day with his cars them went to bed at eight pm and slept all way till seven next morning. I am glad that is over and done.

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